Accept Credit Cards Online-Visa, MasterCard

E-Commerce, Internet Payment Gateway Solution

Virtual Merchant: Online point of sales solution / payment gateway for ecommerce, mail order-telephone order, Internet payment solution-Retail or Business to Business

Complete hosted payment solution that instantly transforms PCs into "virtual" payment terminals.

Current users: web design companies, small business owners selling over the Internet, wholesalers, construction-roofing, plumbing, electrician, heating, alarm, maintenance and installation, business consultants, retailers, start-up companies, trade show exhibitors

Works with or without a website.

  • Internet payment processing-accept credit cards online.
  • Process transactions in physical face-to-face, mail order/telephone order, or e-commerce environments.
  • Easily handle recurring and installment payments.
  • Reduce the risk and compliance headaches by letting NOVA protect financial data and ensure that merchants are in compliance with the latest industry security standards and regulations.
  • "Virtual Terminal" -easy, economical hosted software solution using any PC with an Internet connection to efficiently and cost-effectively process payment transactions
  • "Buy Button" -efficiently and affordably integrates with a shopping cart to securely process e-commerce transactions

Hosted Convenience and Versatility

  • Fully hosted by Elavon minimizing your security liability and ensuring PCI, CISP and other card association regulations and standards are met - without the need for expensive compliance audits
  • No hardware specifications, network infrastructure or software installation required. Can be quickly and easily accessed from any Internet enabled PC
  • Software enhancements and updates are received automatically - no software downloads or installation needed

Efficient and Cost Effective

  • Utilizes your existing hardware and technical infrastructure, up front investment is less than the cost of a single, average-priced terminal
  • Processes transactions in as little as three seconds over a high-speed Internet connection §Provides capability to process payments in Retail, MO/TO (mail order/telephone order), or Internet environment
  • Supports an unlimited number of users and Merchant ID's - serving organizations of any size
  • Connects with a broad range of peripherals, such as card swipes, and PIN pads for acceptance of virtually all payment types
  • Maintains a detailed record of up to 12 months of transaction activity
  • Eliminates costly charges for multiple terminals and dedicated telephone line

VirtualMerchant Features

  • Fraud protection through Address Verification Service (AVS) and Card Verification Value (CVV2)
    • Protects against fraud on non consumer-no-present key-entered transactions
    • Qualifies mail and telephone order merchants for the best discount rate available
  • Correlates MO/TO authorizations with settlements
    • Ensures that cards are not billed until products are shipped, meeting Visa and MasterCard requirements
    • Eliminates the need to re-key transactions for settlement
  • Purchasing Card Capability
    • BIN Level Prompting for Customer Code and Tax Amount (Level II Purchasing Card data)
    • Allows transactions to qualify correctly, minimizing interchange expense
  • Receipt Customization
    • Customer receipts can be printed with user defined fields, custom headers, custom footers, advertisements, etc. -Can be configured to print receipts on traditional "roll" type printer, network printer -Receipts can be delivered electronically through e-mail or can be turned off altogether
  • Allows storage of recurring and installment payment information
    • Transactions will be automatically authorized according to the selected billing cycle eliminating the need for manual re-entry of billing information
  • Multi-entry feature for easy and quick entry of multiple credit transactions on one screen
  • Easily configures so that each user only sees or has access to relevant accounts, transactions, data and reports
  • Customizable payment screens
    • Unlimited number and size of User Defined Fields available Ensures only desired fields are seen, minimizing screen clutter
    • Field labels and order can be tailored for individual environments to maximize usability
    • Fields can be made mandatory to help minimize downgrades or ensure User Defined Fields are always provided Exports comma separated value (CSV) data for import into other applications or further analysis, tracking or storage
    • Supports "Business Rules" for e-commerce environments

Peripherals Supported by VirtualMerchant

  • MagTek Mini-Wedge (USB) §Printers
  • All network/parallel Printers
  • PIN pads- Ingenico 3070

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