Desktop Payment Processing - Reference Guide

INGENICO i5100 & PinPad 3050, Desktop Terminal Reference Guide

Elavon Canada Merchant

Support #:  1-866-310-3345

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    Your Ingenico terminal is easy to use and operate, and your technical support is only a phone call away 24/7. (And Fast!)

    Make sure the Pinpad is connected and the phone line is connected to the right outlet in wall and machine. Plug in the power, the terminal will do a self test and power up within a minute.

    To start a transaction: simply swipe the debit or credit card with the magnetic stripe facing toward the terminal.

    Manual Entry (card not present) Sales : Enter "1" from keypad (sale) and then enter the customers credit card number, then the Expiry date, then the sales amount (Entering OK -green key each time)

    The screen will always prompt you on what to enter next. Enter the sales amount and hit enter, your transaction will proceed. If it is a credit card the machine will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of the credit card number.

    Each of the keys from 1 to 8 on the backlit key pad has various functions if entered when you are not doing a transaction.

    1. SALE - You can manually enter a credit card number or simply swipe a debit or credit card.

    2. GIFT CARDS - Currently Not Activated

    3. SETTLEMENT - If you would like to settle the terminal and send the funds to your bank, simply select this key and follow the display prompts. Your machine will settle and then give the option of obtaining a printout.

    4. REPORTS menu - You can reprint, print or view a summary report or a detail report.

    5. OTHER - Then select the SUB Menu 2 for Void a debit or credit Transaction. If BATCH not closed


    #2 VOID Debit or Credit transaction


    6. FORCE - To enter a transaction that was assigned an approval code by the card issuer OR To enter a Pre-Authorized transaction for which an approval code was printed. Also to CLOSE a Pre-authorized as a Zero Balance or actual Amount. Enter the Approval code from Pre-authorization Receipt, Enter the # or Swipe the Credit Card number then expiry and then enter the Total Dollar Amount and then hit OK/Enter.

    7. RETURN / REFUND / VOID - SUPERVISOR PASSWORD IS "123456" Use this to return/refund an item whether on debit or credit after the machine has already been settled.

    8. Cheque Validation (Not applicable in Canada)

    Remember an authorization is not an actual sale until the preauthorized transaction is actually entered as a completion.

    ADMIN key, this key is usually accessed when you are on the phone with the people at Merchant/Technical support. The merchant support people will easily walk you through and help you diagnose and correct any problems you may have encountered.

    Your Ingenico terminal uses a thermal receipt tape that is very easy to load. 2 ¼" by 1 7/8"

    High Speed Configuration (IP), your terminal need to plugged into a router or switch via a CAT5 cable into the IP plug-in cable adapter.

    ++ You can set up 24/7 web access to all your processing statements online: Go to https://www.merchantconnect.com

    Here you will have to initially register with your Merchant number and the last 4 #'s of your checking account & email.

    You will set up a user name of your choice and be given a temp password (which you can cut and paste - write this password down). When you log in for the first time you will change this password.