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Virtual Merchant, Online Payment Processing  

Reference Guide-Getting started 

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Support:  1-800-725-1243

Demo: http://www.shoutstreammedia.com/clients/nova/nova_vm/   

Virtual Merchant Configuration, Initial Login

To access Virtual Merchant for the first time:

1. Open an Internet browser on a computer connected to the Internet.

2. Enter the following URL in the address box: https://www.myvirtualmerchant.com.

3. Select the Client Login link to access the login page.

At the Virtual Merchant Login screen, enter your Account ID, User ID and Password then select the Login button. You will receive login information upon setting up your Virtual Merchant account.

On your initial login, as the Merchant Administrator, your Account ID and User ID will be the same. The Merchant Administrator account holds domain over your entire account. The Merchant Administrator can create multiple users who can login and process transactions simultaneously. The Merchant Administrator can create a hierarchy of users, with similar or varying degrees of permissions and access, and can even delegate the ability to manage the hierarchy of users to another user. This serves to help you better manage efficiency, as well as creating a system of accountability.

Account inactivity for more than ten minutes will automatically log you out. If your User account is accessed from another browser while you are logged in, you will be logged out, as Virtual Merchant only allows one concurrent login per user.

If you have problems accessing the Virtual Merchant program,

call 1-800-377-3962 for assistance in accessing your account.



Source: Nova Payment Solutions, Virtual Merchant User Guide